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Lymm Metals Limited specialise in many types of scrap metal collection, from your everyday domestic scrap such as washing machines

to large contractors. Please contact us for any of your scrap needs. 

Domestic scrap metal
Trade & contractors 

We deal daily with many trades and contractors, collecting scrap from sites and offering an efficient service. Payment can be arranged within the hour via a bank transfer or a cheque if preferred. 


We carry scales to provide an immediate price for non-ferrous metals. 

Commerical & Industrial scrap metal
Computer scrap

We specialise in collection of computer scrap. This includes memory boards, PCB's, crushed/degaussed hard drives and computer chips. All computer equipment is disposed securely and discreetly. 

Domestic scrap

Lymm Metals Limited will collect your household 

scrap metal at your convenience. These include items such as old garden furniture, washing machines, dryers and any electrical waste such as computers. 


We can also help with garage clearances, please note this does not include home furnishing.  

Trade & contractors scrap metal
Commercial & Industrial
Lymm Metals Limited will remove any commercial and industrial scrap. We can provide bins of different sizes to suit your requirements. We are a VAT registered company and have public liability insurance. We endeavour to meet the highest of standards and pride ourselves on our professionalism. 
Computer scrap
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